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Biased driving

It was a mixed-message week on the homefront. Mayor Lightfoot rolled out the red carpet for NASCAR the day before she arm-twisted the alderpeople into cracking down on speeders to make our streets safer. So one day the mayor is cheering on stock car racers to go faster. And the next she’s sternly demanding motorists […]

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They call them ‘moderates’

While most of you were probably not paying attention, another Republican announced he was running for governor. That makes four. Or five if you count Mancow, who had talked about running. I don’t blame you for not paying attention to the Republican primary for governor—as the election’s not until June of 2022. Gubernatorial primaries used […]

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Teflon Rahm

I suppose it’s only appropriate that President Biden announced Mayor Rahm’s nomination as ambassador to Japan at roughly the same time as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan, like Rahm’s reign as mayor, has come to symbolize the deceit and treachery of leaders who claim they’re looking out for us when, […]