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Pravda Records goes the distance

Beginning with Napster and continuing through Spotify, the nemeses of independent record labels have been legion over the past few decades. The deaths of brick-and-mortar retail chains, including Tower and Borders, have made releasing new music even more of an uphill climb. Yet Pravda Records has weathered it all and continues to thrive. The Chicago […]

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Neo: where misfits fit in

In summer 1979, Suzanne Shelton hatched a dream to open a punk dance club. She had two priorities: it had to play lots of new wave, and it needed clean bathrooms. Shelton had been DJing at a failing Lincoln Park disco called Hoots, but she spent all her free nights at O’Banion’s, a run-down gay […]

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Local Lit: Irvine Welsh-spotting

Since the spectacular success of his first novel, Trainspotting, ten years ago, Scottish writer Irvine Welsh has solidified his reputation as the profane scribe of the drug-addled and disenfranchised, producing four more novels in addition to multiple novellas, plays, and short stories. He’s also gotten into film production, journalism, teaching, and humanitarian work on behalf […]