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Julianna Barwick builds a paradise of her own design with Healing Is a Miracle

While wounds can be stitched and broken bones may mend, other types of injuries never fully heal; perhaps they linger as phantom pain or burrow deep into the brain’s pathways. It’s these imperceptible traumas—and the impossibility of recovery—that consume Julianna Barwick on her new fourth solo album, Healing Is a Miracle. The Los Angeles-based composer […]

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In Rotation: A Reader critic, CHIRP Radio’s founder, and Zapruder Point’s singer dish on what’s got their toes tapping

Leor Galil, Reader music critic Mamaleek’s Kurdaitcha: Here’s something I never expected to hear from a pair of San Francisco bedroom musicians: a moving, visceral concoction of black metal, jazz, shoegaze, hip-hop, experimental, and world music rolled into one intense record. The sheer power and beauty of songs like “The White Marble Stone” continue to […]