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Kimski at Kedzie, Family Holiday Community Musical, and Clickbait

Monday Night Foodball returns tonight with a special menu from chef Won Kim of Bridgeport’s Korean-Polish restaurant Kimski, who is back in town and in the kitchen after a well-deserved five-month sabbatical. Read Reader senior writer Mike Sula’s preview here and join in the delicious fun at Kedzie Inn (4100 N. Kedzie); walk-in orders start […]

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Chả Cá Nuggs takes a nose-to-tail fin approach to eating the invasive copi

The invasive fish formerly known as Asian carp was renamed “copi” earlier this summer by the Department of Natural Resources. Short for “copious,” the state hopes that a vaguely Mediterranean-sounding rebranding will entice consumers to eat more of the bony, obscenely prolific, freshwater filter feeders that have outcompeted native species for all that good Illinois […]

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It’s chicken and waffle night at Monday Night Foodball

The chickens roam freely over the pastures at Avrom Farm in Ripon, Wisconsin. But you might have spotted them in the wild this season at the Green City or Wicker Park farmers’ markets, where they nest on warm buckwheat waffles battered with their own eggs.
This Wednesday they’re flocking to Irving Park for Monday Night Foodball, the Reader’s weekly pop-up chef series at the Kedzie Inn.