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Catherine Lamb and Rebecca Lane explore liminal musical experiences with precision

A secondary rainbow is a faint visual echo that appears outside a rainbow when light bends twice while passing through raindrops. Composer, violist, and occasional vocalist Catherine Lamb uses careful calculation and subtle dynamics to evoke correspondingly liminal sonic experiences. Born in Olympia, Washington, and based in Berlin, she’s developed a musical approach that combines […]

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Australian composer and musician Anthony Pateras scrambles your sense of place and time

On two recent multidisc sets, Australian composer, improviser, and electroacoustic musician Anthony Pateras chronicles his compulsive drive to try new things and move on. In the booklet that accompanies Bern • Melbourne • Milan, a release by his trio with drummer Sean Baxter and guitarist David Brown, Baxter recalls that Pateras wowed him and Brown […]

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Lampo: Homeless Again

Normally this is the time of year I look forward to learning Lampo‘s fall lineup. One of the midwest’s greatest advocates for experimental music, Lampo has been presenting dynamic work, often in exclusive U.S. engagements, from some of the world’s most important sound artists and musicians for more than a decade. But no announcement of […]