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Jussie justice

Let’s start with an apology to readers tired of reading about Jussie Smollett—because having watched last week’s sentencing, I just got to get something off my chest . . . 150 days! Are you kidding me? My Smollett-hating readers, I realize, have a point—there are far more compelling matters to discuss, what with the species […]

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Soak the suckers

In the days since a Cook County jury declared Jussie Smollett guilty, guilty, guilty I’ve been wondering how Republicans will use the verdict to squeeze even more money from the suckers and saps who finance the MAGA cause. This ongoing shakedown of MAGA by MAGA is something I know a lot about. As I receive […]

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FOIA fighter

For the last few weeks, there’s been heated debate about Mayor Rahm and his handling of the Laquan McDonald video. The question is: Did the mayor cover up evidence of a murder when he sat on the video showing police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting McDonald in 2014—only releasing the video after a Cook County […]

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Buried secrets

For proof that the people who run this city are determined to never change their ways, I bring you the latest unsavory details regarding the harassment of female lifeguards at Oak Street Beach. They’re contained in the recently released Hays Report, so named for Valarie Hays, the corporate lawyer who wrote it. The Park District […]

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Rahm justice

Having watched almost three excruciating hours of Mayor Rahm’s testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations about whether he should be confirmed as ambassador to Japan, I have concluded that . . . I deserve a raise! Seriously, folks, they don’t pay enough to sit through such dreck. Last week’s Senate hearing was a […]