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Bonding With Male Bonding

My friend Krystal has an uncanny ability to go to any city and find the coolest people and best artists living there. She could probably go to the blighted Rust Belt hole that I grew up near and find someone making post-shoegaze electro-noise or earth art or exquisitely crafted recycled-glass bongs or something. It’s just […]

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Adventures in Modern Music

The London-based avant-garde monthly the Wire, which has increased steadily in gloss and sales over the years while remaining committed to very unglossy music, recognizes how much Chicago has given it in terms of material. It’s hosted a three- or four-day blowout at the Empty Bottle every year since 2003; this fall’s it’s the magazine’s […]

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Alain de Botton

Londoner Alain de Botton kicked off his writing career with three well-received novels, but he’s probably better known for his subsequent nonfiction–self-help for the intellectual crowd like How Proust Can Change Your Life, The Consolations of Philosophy, and The Art of Travel. The concept of his latest, Status Anxiety (Pantheon), isn’t foreign to modern American […]

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As a teenager Duncan Roy escaped the London working class by passing himself off as a British noble and infiltrating the high society of Paris and New York; he got away with it for five years before he was busted for fraud. Now a veteran playwright and stage director, Roy makes his feature film debut […]