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The Schubas Empire? Step One

Greg Kot reports that the Schuba brothers are opening a new music venue this fall called the Lincoln Hall. The site, at 2424 N. Lincoln, is the old home of the 3 Penny movie theater, and as Kot notes it’s just up the street from the former location of the fabled Lounge Ax, which could […]

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Breaking Away

Jeff Tweedy at Lounge Ax, June 14 & 15 “There is no sunken trea-sure / Rumored to be / Wrapped inside my ribs,” sang Jeff Tweedy on Wilco’s 1996 double LP, Being There, and thus served notice on alt-country cultists that he wished to vacate the pedestal they’d placed him on. But the cultists just […]

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In Mod We Trusted

Various Artists Whodunit: Chicago Knows Who (No Cigar) In many respects the short-lived Chicago mod craze was a typical retro revival, dusting off a British youth culture that was already two decades old–most Chicago mods took their cues from the Who documentary The Kids Are Alright and from Quadrophenia, Franc Roddam’s film adaptation of the […]