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A Magical Cirque Christmas, concerts, and a sound bath

Last night A Magical Cirque Christmas opened at CIBC Theatre (18 W. Monroe), starring magician Lucy Darling (aka Carisa Hendrix) as hostess. Hendrix’s alter ego is a 1920s-style screwball dipsomaniac with a special talent for making bottles of booze and cocktails appear and disappear. She’ll be joining a lineup of circus artists in this family-friendly […]

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Fantastic beast

When Luis Carreon takes the stage at the Chicago Magic Lounge, he’s pure old-school vaudeville, an elegant throwback in silver-toed boots and a tuxedo subtly imprinted with crushed velvet roses. He swoops around the stage to the beat of swirling music, spinning gold from fire and pulling rose petals from a fluttering deep-purple handkerchief. It’s […]

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Indulgence and illusions

Back in the Before Times, I saw Carisa Hendrix perform as her alter ego, dipsomaniacal Lucy Darling, at the Chicago Magic Lounge. Combining va-va-voom Golden Age of Screwball Comedy glitz and sass with sleight-of-hand involving making bottles of whiskey appear and disappear, Hendrix/Darling’s act both celebrates and upends the “sexy assistant” trope in magic. She’s […]

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Ventriloquism and Oobleck

When I think of ventriloquism in film, my thoughts flash to the commercials for 1978’s Magic that creeped me out as a kid. I wasn’t alone; according to the IMDb trivia page, the original trailer for this psychological horror film was pulled from broadcast after parents complained. (“Fats,” the murderous dummy who seemingly possesses Anthony […]