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The Gilgamanians and Maku Sica celebrate new records from distant points on the spectrum of improvisation

The Gilgamanians and Maku Sica (formerly Mako Sica) sound profoundly different from each other, but these two local ensembles share a commitment to using improvisation to tap into ideas they would never find any other way. The Gilgamanians are percussionist Michael Zerang and shortwave-radio operator Don Meckley. This is the duo’s first concert, but their […]

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Chicago experimentalists Mako Sica find a sweet spot with master percussionist Hamid Drake

Since I first encountered it nearly a decade ago, I’ve repeatedly tried to engage with the music of Chicago trio Mako Sica. The determinedly exploratory ensemble couches improvisational impulses within meditative, expansive prog-rock modes more concerned with using chants, texture-rich guitar, and spacious rhythms to carve out space than with displaying hollow virtuosity. Unfortunately, their […]

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Reader’s Agenda Thu 1/23: Con Air, the Chicago Picasso, and Chicago Psych Fest V

Con Air Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered. Doc Films, the University of Chicago’s student film society, hosts a screening of the Nic Cage actioner Con Air, which former Reader film critic Lisa Alspector called “both cheeky and tongue-in-cheek because it’s so far over-the-top.” At Co-Prosperity Sphere, South Side Projections screens […]