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Calligraphy, puppets, and protest

Whether you’re a calligraphy explorer or a hand-lettering veteran, check out the Newberry (60 W. Walton) today. They’ll be joined by the Chicago Calligraphy Collective for a Calligraphy Fair. From 10 AM-noon, they’ll have a breadth of demonstrations and hands-on how to’s that cover everything from gothic lettering and creative caps to arabic calligraphy and […]

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‘And then I laughed’

At one point in Theatre Y’s ambulatory Laughing Song: A Walking Dream, Marvin Tate as George W. Johnson (the first Black American recording artist) is asked by a reporter at a press conference, “Is your laugh real, or is it fake?” It’s a reasonable question—but by the end of this four-hour show, which weaves together […]

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Blasian March, Laughing Song, Dummy, and Giallo Gelato

The Blasian March, cofounded in New York by onetime Chicago dancer and performer Rohan Zhou-Lee in the wake of the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protests, has grown to encompass other cities, including New Haven and Los Angeles. Now, thanks in part to Columbia College Chicago’s Asian Student Organization, it’s come to Chicago. As Zhou-Lee […]

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Avreeayl Ra and Time Machine guide the way from suffering to healing at Jazz Occurrence 21

People with synesthesia perceive things typically associated with one sense, such as sound, through one or more additional senses, such as sight, taste, smell, or touch—a B-minor chord, for instance, might register as green. A number of famous musicians, including Mary J. Blige, Pharrell Williams, and Lady Gaga, have claimed to have (or are believed […]

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Chicago singer and poet Marvin Tate forms a versatile group that measures up to his compelling persona

Poet, singer, and performer Marvin Tate has been a steady presence in Chicago’s artistic fringe for several decades, working with Leroy Bach’s art-funk band Uptighty back in the 90s while also fronting his own multidisciplinary omnibus D-Settlement. But I’d never paid him much more than passing attention until I caught him a few times in […]