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NU’s Streisand effect

Content note: This column contains mention of hazing and sexual assault. Northwestern University (NU) may not win many, or any, football games this season. But, man, when it comes to cynical acts of duplicity and deceit, they may already be the champs. Oh, where to start with the football hazing scandal that gets more scandalous […]

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High grades

In the aftermath of presiding over his first City Council meeting, Mayor Brandon Johnson gave himself the highest grade possible. “If you’re keeping score, I believe it was 41 alderpersons voted for it,” Johnson told reporters. “I would consider that an ‘A’ grade. I mean—I don’t know what a brother’s gotta do to get a […]

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Karen’s plan

At the risk of making you think I’m weirder than you may already think I am . . . Sometimes when walking alone late at night, I talk to friends and family who have died. Been doing it for a couple of years now. Going back to the pandemic when the streets were so deserted […]

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TK Joshua Beal

Formal family photo at Tiffaney Boxley’s mom’s 59th birthday circa 2011 with Joshua alone; a group photo of Tiffaney, Malik, Michael, Joshua, and Tiffaney’s nephew AkirCredit: Courtesy Joshua Beal’s Family Tiffaney Boxley, Josh, Josh’s sister in pink Aaliyah Boxley and Tiffaney Boxley’s grandmother Deborah Wilson in wheel chairCredit: Courtesy Joshua Beal’s Family Woman in pink […]