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Do the winter blues get you down?

The winter holiday season is often considered a magical time of year—its festive lights, music, smells, and gatherings making some people giddy with glee. But for many people, the holidays and the long cold months that follow can trigger feelings of sadness and loneliness, or otherwise coincide with a decline in mental health.  According to […]

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month has come and gone, but its message continues all year long

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month takes place every September, but it’s important to be proactive and keep the conversation about mental wellness going strong throughout the year. But if you know someone struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, approaching them about it can feel daunting. With that in mind, Nature’s Grace and Wellness has […]

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Pillars market, Mohawk Johnson, comic book theater, and more

From 3-8:30 PM, the Trans Chicago Empowerment Center (2753 W. Division) is hosting a Halloween edition of Pillars, its marketplace for trans BIPOC vendors. Along with tarot readings, poetry books, and handmade wares for sale, there will also be free gender-affirming nail services for trans individuals. Yecy, a local Latinx nail artist, will be providing […]

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide is an important topic that people are often hesitant to discuss. But the more we talk about it, the more we can break the stigmas, and the more lives we can save. Misinformation surrounding mental health can cause us to downplay the severity of symptoms in friends and loved ones experiencing depression, and perpetuate […]

How does cannabis affect the body and how to avoid overdoing it

Despite the growing acceptance and accessibility of cannabis in states where it’s been legalized, many outdated stigmas surrounding the plant remain. That means that even people who use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes might know more about its associations with party culture or old-school anti-marijuana films that depicted it as a societal menace (remember […]

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Maybe we’re crazy

Have you ever been playfully called “crazy” and laughed, only to cry silently in the basement bathroom for two hours? No? Just me? Well, if you’ve ever stared into the abyss and questioned your own sanity for more than a hot second, Kellye Howard’s latest one-woman show, Crazy or Nah?!, running this weekend as part […]

Conversation, creativity, and coping strategies

Chicago musician Mike Vinopal is the bandleader, songwriter, and guitarist of upbeat funk ensemble Local Motive, the lead guitarist of moody rock band Badcandy, and a pet dad. A former special education teacher, and mental health advocate and speaker, his lived experiences with mental health challenges have inspired his fierce dedication to bettering himself and […]