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Let us be thankful for this solo album of stripped-down pop from Melkbelly leader Miranda Winters

Last October, when I interviewed the four members of Chicago guitar-rock band Melkbelly for a feature on their then-upcoming LP Nothing Valley, I asked them about their songwriting methods and processes (because what kind of music journo would I be if I avoided such a mundane line of questioning?). Vocalist-guitarist Miranda Winters explained that several […]

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Best cross between the Breeders and Lightning Bolt

Melkbelly Melkbelly wrangle the tidal-size tension and release of noise rock with expert hands, pushing its blown-out frenzy inch by inch toward endearing indie pop. On last year’s Pennsylvania (Automatic) the four-piece contort cinder-­block bass, scraggly guitars, and brash, crackling art-punk drumming into all sorts of different shapes; the album’s longest song, closer “Scrupulous,” has […]