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’Art is the fuel for all things’

Editor’s note: for this issue, Coco Picard talked to Chicago artist and professor Nick Cave about his art practice and work, as well as his exhibition “Forothermore.” Edited text from the comic is transcribed here to ease readability. The artist, activist, and educator Nick Cave’s first retrospective, “Forothermore,” is on view at the Museum of […]

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Dressed to dazzle

Nothing like an opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art to showcase the exceptional style Chicagoans have, in all their diversity. The festivities in May celebrating artist Nick Cave’s solo exhibition “Forothermore” were no exception. Body coverings were a central theme and could be appreciated on every level: on guests’ outfits in their special post-lockdown […]

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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s new Carnage soundtracks a “communal catastrophe”

In 2018 Nick Cave opened a new portal into his world with a question-and-answer newsletter titled the Red Hand Files. As queries from fans flooded in, Cave dutifully replied with poetic meditations, splashy Polaroids of his opulent Brighton home, and the occasional errant one-liner that shed new light on the mystique that he’s meticulously cultivated […]

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The darkness surrounding the music of Nick Cave turns personal on his latest album, Skeleton Tree

Nick Cave began making last year’s quietly intense Skeleton Tree (Bad Seed Ltd.) well before his son Arthur’s tragic fall from a cliff in July 2015, but its brooding tone and crushing, inescapable darkness were clearly heightened by the impact of his passing. The opening couplet on the first song, “Jesus Alone,” features Cave intoning […]