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UK electronic-noise duo Petbrick create a tantalizing sonic universe on their new album, Liminal

Plenty of bands do a lot with compact lineups, but few can match the huge black-hole vortex of sound that Petbrick creates. The London-based duo of British multi-instrumentalist and producer Wayne Adams and legendary Brazilian metal drummer Iggor Cavalera came together a few years ago with a plan to make “horrible noise” without compromise. But […]

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Soul food, International Voices Project, Perturbator, Glassing

Jordan Wimby, aka The Melanin Martha, returns to Monday Night Foodball tonight with a prix fixe plate of “classic and reimagined” soul food, including crispy fatback and microgreens and a sweet fried buffalo chicken thigh. Advance orders are sold out, but a limited amount of food will be available for walk-in ordering. Get there early if […]

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Seb Alvarez of Meth leaves his comfort zone in noise-centric collective Virgin Mother

Chicago group Meth are known for their big and burly scorched-earth mash-up of mathcore, noise rock, and ambient music, which they execute with surgical precision. At the center of their dissonant sprawl is vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Seb Alvarez, who started Meth as a solo project before developing the current six-piece iteration. The band put out […]

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On the new W, Boris find serene sounds amid their continuous sonic explorations

As Boris continue to steer in and out of avant-rock territory, the 30-year-old Japanese band increasingly splinter genre ideas and expectations fans might foist upon them. The trio have been prolific during the pandemic, releasing nearly a dozen albums whose variety almost necessitates a disregard for boundaries: they include studio full-lengths, EPs, and live and […]

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Oakland’s Kowloon Walled City return after six years with a noise-rock masterpiece

Oakland’s Kowloon Walled City formed in 2007 as an intense postmetal outfit who tipped their hat to fellow Oaklanders Neurosis, who’d helped pioneer the fusion of hardcore and sludge. During the 14 years since, the band have slowly pulled back on the aggression and fury, settling into creeping, deliberately paced noise rock. Kowloon Walled City’s […]

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Legendary Chicago experimentalists Ono confront centuries of race-based violence on the transformative Red Summer

I could write a novel about Ono. This Chicago avant-garde group are one of the great bands, and their story is endlessly fascinating. Few groups that had their heyday in the 80s have come back in the late aughts sounding completely rejuvenated and vital. Most important, they’ve continued to progress, honing their wild experimentation into […]