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The accidental TikTok star

Sonny had spent years making music for an audience of himself when he began to understand that other people liked it too. The Chicago rapper can pinpoint a few key moments: At a party he went to in 2019, the crowd was dead, and his manager at the time commandeered the sound system to throw […]

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Chicago bruisers Nequient drop a new EP to soften you up for their next album

In 2018, Gossip Wolf weighed in on Chicago metallic hardcore neck breakers Nequient, calling their debut full-length, Wolves at the Door, a “major D-beat shit storm.” In the years since, the four-piece band—drummer Chris Avgerin, bassist Keenan Clifford, guitarist Patrick Conahan, and vocalist Jason Kolkey—have earned a sterling rep as an onstage juggernaut, but only […]