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Swedish power-metal titans Sabaton continue to explore the Great War

Founded in 1999, Swedish power-metal veterans Sabaton cast a microscopic gaze on the horrors of war with a sweeping, majestic, and anthemic sound that walks the line between empathizing with humans on the battlefield and glorifying the unglorifiable. Their records deliver poetic lessons in military history (usually European), and though they aim to stay as […]

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The heroically mournful doom metal of Pallbearer’s Forgotten Days is built to outlast trials

I just realized I’ve loved Pallbearer for eight whole years, starting the moment I first heard their debut album, Sorrow and Extinction. Since at least their third full-length, 2017’s Heartless, the best ever doom-metal band in Little Rock, Arkansas, have openly indulged their love of prog and classic rock, and I’ve stayed cool with that. […]

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Oranssi Pazuzu voyage beyond black metal to a sound all their own on the new Mestarin Kynsi

When I wrote about these Finnish xenonauts last October, on the occasion of the only stateside tour in their 13-year history, I called their music “wormhole black metal”: “Oranssi Pazuzu plunge you into a tunnel of fatally deformed spacetime, bathe you in a sizzling cocktail of exotic radiation, and spit you out somewhere cold, dark, […]