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This Week in Food & Drink: Craft Distillers, Key Ingredient Beef Tendon, Wasabi, a Shake-Up at Green City Market, and More

Last week Mike Sula wrote about underground distillers. In this week’s Omnivorous he looks at several regional craft distillers who are going the legit route, among them Paul Hletko, whose Few Spirits will be the first distillery in the history of Evanston. Other locals looking to set up shop are Miriam Matasar and Brenton Engel, […]

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Omnivorous: The Great Malort Challenge

As late as the early 90s, Jeppson’s Malort bottle hangers featured 11 cocktail recipes, including the Jeppson Collins, the Nordic Peril, and the Jeppsoni. Most of them, according to company owner Pat Gabelick, were “bogus.” But the Sweet Swede wasn’t: putting a sugar cube in the mouth before downing a shot—”that’s the way the Swedes […]