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OK, more moon blogging

Hadn’t realized that W.H. Auden, author of my favorite poem, wrote one in 1969 called “Moon Landing.” I’m unsurprised, loving “Musee des Beaux Arts” as much as I do, that he was less than inspired. Wish he’d written about Alan Shepard. A grand gesture. But what does it period?What does it osse*? We were always […]

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Louise Gluck

To study the disintegration of a marriage through the lens of wandering Odysseus and stuck-at-home Penelope is hardly original. But why strive for novelty when there are still riches to be mined from the same old story? “Such a mistake to want / clarity above all things,” Louise Gluck chides herself early in Meadowlands, her […]

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Regarding: “A Poem for McDonald’s” by S.L. Wisenberg [January 7] In this era of ever increasing sellout to commercial aspects of one’s art, S.L. Wisenberg’s process of writing a poem for a corporate giant to whom she cannot relate articulates with style the temptation artists feel to make art “at any price” regardless of the […]