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Katie Got Bandz at UniverSoul Circus, a Stevie Nicks night, and more

The UniverSoul Circus returned to Washington Park this year after a break during the initial COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, to the delight of families looking for a fun excursion. The organization features many BIPOC performers and offers clowns, motorcyclists, dance troupes, contortionists, aerial ballerinas, and plenty of interactive moments with the audience members so […]

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Death-metal warhorses Bones drop a new album just in time for Devil’s Night

Gossip Wolf can be a little fuzzy when it comes to math, but bassist and vocalist Jon “Necromancer” Woodring, guitarist “Carcass” Chris Svoboda, and drummer Joe “Apocalyptic Warlord” Schaeffer of local death-metal trio Bones have been raising an unholy ruckus together for decades. (Bones formed in 2011, and in the aughts they all played together […]

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A note from an editor 2022

This is the first time we’ve done a summer theater and arts issue, and judging by the full-to-bursting content, that’s surprising—especially given how much Chicagoans love getting outdoors in the summer. You can read about some theater and dance programs that specialize in bringing performances to public parks, or, if you prefer indoor immersive experiences, […]

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Prince of the Mag Mile

“Prince: the Immersive Experience” begins with purple light through stained glass. Guests in groups of ten to 15 are led through double doors to a replica of the “When Doves Cry” music video set: portraits hung on purple walls, bouquets scattered on the floor, and a white claw-foot tub to pose behind. The only thing […]

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Archive dive: On house music

Between Drake’s sleepy Honestly, Nevermind and Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul,” a lot of people have something to say about house music lately. (And while I can’t say I have thoroughly read every discourse posting, I’ve seen almost no instances of anyone mentioning the fact that several music sites reported rumors of Beyoncé working with house […]