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Great moments in pseudonyms

I understand why some artists like to use pseudonyms. They allow you to keep your performance self at arm’s length from your regular-time self, opening up paths of exploration that the normal you might not be willing to travel, like rapping or growing ill-advised facial hair. But choosing the right pseudonym is crucially important, the […]

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Not Into Outing

To the editors: This letter serves in part as a response to the letter “Out Rage” in the May 24 Reader. That letter, by Michael Flores, was in response to the May 10 Hot Type column on writer John Schmid’s use of a pseudonym in writing for Nightlines. Flores compares this use of a pseudonym […]

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The Secret Life of John Schmid/News Media Missing in Action

The Secret Life of John Schmid The pseudonymous author stands on shaky ground indeed in the straight-arrow fellowship of journalistic scriveners. The Reader’s own policy on pseudonyms is clear and unnegotiable: only when appropriate. It’s that way throughout the business. For instance, pseudonyms are common in the monthly journal Outlines and weekly entertainment guide Nightlines, […]