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The Jackson Find

This was supposed to be the story of the Jackson Five’s first single, cut in Chicago in 1967. But while he was writing it, Jake Austen picked up a trail leading to a tape nobody knew existed: the earliest known studio recording of Michael Jackson and his brothers.

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R. Kelly approaches the event horizon

R. Kelly got almost dangerously recursive when he put his own version of The-Dream’s “Kelly’s 12 Play”—a song about getting it on to R.’s breakthrough album—on his Demo mix tape back in June. Now he’s at it again, this time with the metatastic first single from his upcoming album, Untitled: a duet with Keri Hilson […]

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Great moments in pseudonyms

I understand why some artists like to use pseudonyms. They allow you to keep your performance self at arm’s length from your regular-time self, opening up paths of exploration that the normal you might not be willing to travel, like rapping or growing ill-advised facial hair. But choosing the right pseudonym is crucially important, the […]