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Chicago alternative hip-hop group Bonelang shoot for the moon with Nervous Oracle

Chicago alternative hip-hop group Bonelang seem to want to make hip-hop that sounds like anything but hip-hop. The core duo, MC Samy.Language and producer-vocalist Matt Bones, both split the difference between rapping and singing—they often enunciate their pristine, staccato verses like they’re delivering a solo in choir or talk-singing in a Broadway musical. They also […]

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Tree lighting, seasonal shopping, no coast hip-hop, and more

’Tis the season for unbridled consumerism masking as some of us insisting that “gift giving is my love language!” While we can’t stop the avalanche of gifting that is already in motion (although Reverend Billy would disagree), we can encourage you to check out some local pop-up holiday markets and consider purchasing directly from Chicago […]

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Chicago rapper Philmore Greene levels up with Detroit producer Apollo Brown on Cost of Living

West-side rapper Philmore Greene has been crafting a catalog of mature, unfussy boom-bap since he dropped his 2018 debut, Chicago: A Third World City. His new fourth full-length, Cost of Living (released by esteemed hip-hop indie Mello Music Group), builds on his established elements—relaxed, sample-based instrumentals and thoughtful ruminations about the systemic unfairness that has […]

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Sidaka had his foot in the door of Chicago hip-hop, and he kicks it open with Coming Back Home

Chicago rapper-producer Sidaka began dabbling in music seven years ago, when he was a 15-year-old tinkering with a piano in an effort to impress a crush. Since then he’s gone from experimenting with bedroom recording on his own to learning every aspect of music making: he studied audio engineering at Flashpoint Chicago, and in 2019 […]