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CRITIC’S CHOICE Limitless Without much fanfare Neil Burger has emerged as one of the best suspense directors in the business, and the irony of this accomplishment is that his thrillers (Interview With the Assassin, The Illusionist) resort to very little fanfare themselves: in an era of loud, frantic aerobic workouts like Salt and the Bourne […]

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Critic’s Choice: Of Gods and Men

No one knows for sure what happened to the seven French monks who were kidnapped during the Algerian civil war and found dead in May 1996. But Xavier Beauvois, who directed and cowrote this moving spiritual drama (2010), doesn’t bother himself with that mystery; he’s more concerned with the faith and devotion of the victims, […]

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The Seldoms

The new, hour-long Stupormarket is a “low-budget project,” says Seldoms choreographer Carrie Hanson, featuring costumes by her and Goodwill. But its scope is huge—nothing less than an exploration of New Keynesian vs. neoclassical perspectives on our economy. Hanson has combined edited versions of two 2009 pieces—Thrift and Death of a (Prada) Salesman—with lots of new […]