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Lucia walking, Manasseh at MCA, Secret History of Chicago Music in person

Join Andersonville residents and celebrate the holidays the Swedish way, with St. Lucia and the Lucia Procession. Lucia girls, in white robes and candle crowns, were crowned at noon at the temporary Nordic House in the Wrigley building downtown. This afternoon a procession walks up Clark Street in Andersonville (starting at the Swedish American Museum, […]

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Pravda Records goes the distance

Beginning with Napster and continuing through Spotify, the nemeses of independent record labels have been legion over the past few decades. The deaths of brick-and-mortar retail chains, including Tower and Borders, have made releasing new music even more of an uphill climb. Yet Pravda Records has weathered it all and continues to thrive. The Chicago […]

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Chicago soul dynamo Renaldo Domino breaks out his sugary sweet pipes on “Never Thought”

Correction: This item has been updated to include details about Renaldo Domino’s new Colemine Records single “No Laggin’ and Draggin’,” whose upcoming release the show celebrates. In a just and perfect world, Renaldo Domino would be as widely revered as legendary Chicago soul greats Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, and Gene Chandler. In my opinion, the […]