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MAGA enablers

For over twenty years, my centrist friends have been giving me grief for presidential losses the Democrats have suffered. For example . . . Gore’s defeat in 2000, allegedly caused by lefties voting for Ralph Nader. Or Hillary Clinton’s in 2016, allegedly caused by lefties not voting at all. The centrist message to me went […]

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Profiles in cautiousness

It’s been over two weeks since Aurora mayor Richard Irvin announced he’s running for governor, making him a front-runner for the Republican nomination. And yet he still hasn’t mentioned the T word. That’s T as in Trump. Donald Trump to be exact—the man MAGA loves to love. Though, come to think of it, I haven’t […]

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Rays of sunshine

Amid the doom and gloom of MAGA’s resurgence in the race for governor in Virginia, a little good news from Illinois . . . The Democrats stuck it to those dastardly Republicans in the congressional remapping. Though you wouldn’t know that to hear centrist Dems wracked with guilt over the possible demise of Congressman Adam […]