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A Chefs’ Family Tree

A handful of fine-dining institutions from the 70s, 80s, and 90s have served as major incubators of culinary talent–in fact many local hotshots have worked at several. More than that, though, these places are a testament to how long fine dining has been part of the fabric of the city. They’ve all won major awards and share a devotion to innovation, detail, and customer service (and they all charge accordingly). What follows is a selective map of influence.

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Full Speed in All Directions

The clientele at La Cumbamba is a mishmash of young professionals, shaggy-looking students, cabdrivers, prostitutes, and police officers. No one is excluded, says William Restrepo, proprietor of the airy and attractive Colombian restaurant on North Avenue just east of Western. “I love a bum who can come here and have a cup of coffee and […]