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History buff Sarah Vowell looks at the Revolutionary War through the eyes of a young French marquis who fought in it

You can’t beat Sarah Vowell for quirky chronicles of American history’s dark side. Her previous books include Assassination Vacation, in which she road trips to places where U.S. presidents were offed while in office. Her radio stories for This American Life include a retracing of the Trail of Tears. Now the contributor to Salon, McSweeney’s, […]

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Cine-File Selects: Two Lovers

The weekly Cine-File Selects screening series begins Monday 1/3 at Doc Films with “Two Lovers,” the heartfelt romantic drama whose publicity campaign star Joaquin Phoenix torpedoed with his purportedly staged rap debut/career suicide (as brother-in-law Casey Affleck presented in pseudodocumentary “I’m Still Here.”)