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Windy City Playhouse goes on the market

When Windy City Playhouse first opened on Irving Park Road in 2015, the company won nearly as much attention for its comfortable audience perks (swivel seats and food and beverage service, like a luxe movie theater) as it did for its programming, which for the most part focused on contemporary plays like Deborah Zoe Laufer’s […]

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Breathless, CPL Foundation Awards, Fortune at the Hideout

Pioneering French-Swiss film director, writer, and critic Jean-Luc Godard passed away in September, and the Gene Siskel Film Center swiftly put together Au Revoir, Godard, a presentation of three Godard-directed favorites from his 60s work. Tonight’s feature, 1960’s À bout de souffle (which literally translates from French as “out of breath”) is more commonly known […]