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Brazilian singer-songwriter Thiago Nassif pulls off a bizarre tropicalia triumph on Mente

The spiky, new wavy, herky-jerky pop rock of Mente, the new album from Brazilian singer-songwriter Thiago Nassif, may remind you of Talking Heads. But the link between them arises more from shared influence than from direct inspiration: like David Byrne, Nassif is in love with the fractured tropicalia of Tom Zé, a tripped-out Brazilian genius […]

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Morning Olympics Roundup

* Mark Starr, former Newsweek Olympics expert, thinks that Rio is the best bet, and that their biggest problem as far as closing the deal is actually being the frontrunner. (h/t Mike) * NYT: Chicago – it’s the TV revenues, stupid. * Just heard on WGN: Phil Hersh quotes David Wallechinsky as saying without the […]