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Anti-abortion activists float a new argument: ageism

Move over, Grandpa. You think ageism is your cause? Last week, Created Equal, an Ohio-based organization opposed to ending unwanted pregnancies came to town, making stops at the city’s largest college campuses. At Northwestern, they set up shop on Sheridan Road, displaying enlarged images of dismembered fetal parts and passing out leaflets announcing that “Abortion […]

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The choice is yours, voters

Content warning: This column contains a reference to sexual violence. As I write, it’s Labor Day—traditionally, the start of the election season. That means “normal” people start to sorta pay attention to what’s going on in politics, as opposed to political junkies, like myself, who never stop paying attention. As such, it’s my pleasure to […]

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Trigger’s back

As you know by now, the MAGA Six on the Supreme Court eviscerated abortion rights with their recent anti-Roe ruling, thus triggering local laws that instantaneously made abortion illegal in a dozen or so states. None of which were Illinois. And for that we must at least partially thank former Governor Bruce Rauner. Words I […]

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The end of Roe

Regarding the recently revealed U.S. Supreme Court draft ruling on Roe v. Wade: WTF? Because, it’s the F we’re talking about, right? That little itch we’re biologically programmed to scratch and its inordinate, inequitable aftermath? As I’ve opined here before, if cisgender men were the ones carrying a pregnancy for nine months, suffering through an […]