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Who’s Saying the Innocence Project Sprung a Killer, and Why?

When David Protess—the hotshot professor who helmed the Innocence Project—got in trouble at Northwestern University, James Sotos saw an opportunity. Sotos is an attorney with a client and a message, and he believes that the more compromised Protess’s reputation, the better his chances of getting that message across. If you recognize the name—Sotos was the […]

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At Least He Hasn’t Cheated On His Wife

If elected, current Jim Ryan will prevent future Jim Ryans from being past Jim Ryans. And this time, he’s sorry, too. Well, sorta: “In the Cruz-Hernandez cases, prosecutors, detectives and police officers acted in good faith and still came up with the wrong result.” [Except for, you know, the ones that quit. They were right.] […]