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Roberto Fonseca blends the sounds of past and present into dynamic Afro-Cuban jazz

I had a chance to see Roberto Fonseca play at the 2015 Fes Festival of World Sacred Music in Morocco, in a duo collaboration with Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara. In his thrilling, visceral performance, the Havana-born musician, composer, and bandleader embodied the multifarious musicality of Cuba’s best jazz pianists. Blessed with access to the island’s […]

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Madam, I’m Adam

In this week’s issue, Cliff Doerksen reviews Max Mayer’s romantic comedy Adam, with Hugh Dancy as a young man who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and Rose Byrne as the young woman who finds him attractive. “Like many films of its genre,” Cliff writes, “it’s less interesting as a movie than as a map of gender […]