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On a clear day you can clone forever

Dr. Barbra Joan Frankenstreisand (Tyler Anthony Smith)—that ultimate hyphenate: superstar-mad scientist—has commandeered the stage at the Raven Room at Redline VR bar for what she calls a “clone-cert” to duplicate her beloved and very dead pooch.  Few theater companies understand characters toeing the line between stardom and monstrousness like Hell in a Handbag Productions. Frankenstreisand, […]

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International Symposium on Chicago Theatre attempts to shake the trees

There are almost 300 professional theater companies at work in Chicago today, ranging from big-name institutions like Steppenwolf and Second City to fringe stalwarts like the Curious Theatre Branch. Yet scholars still consider New York the epicenter of drama in the U.S. Columbia College’s International Symposium on Chicago Theatre is calculated to change that. “This […]