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Queer Singapore stories

Last year, speaking to a BBC reporter about the Singapore government repealing Section 377A, a colonialist-era holdover that criminalized gay sex, local LGBTQ+ historian Isaac Tng paraphrased the gay community’s mixed response to the news as follows: “It’s like a nice, hot cup of coffee,” he says, “that got left on the table.” It’s a […]

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Alejandron Escovedo

The track listing for Alejandro Escovedo’s new studio album, Bourbonitis Blues (Bloodshot), his first in three years, makes it doubly clear that the Austin singer-songwriter isn’t exactly in a prolific phase. Of the nine cuts, only four are originals, and one of those, “Guilty,” appeared in a different version on With These Hands (Rykodisc) in […]

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Alejandro Scarpino

It’s worth pointing out that the nuevo tango of the late Astor Piazzolla, who expanded the Argentine tango into something that totally transcends its origins (much as Johann Strauss did for the 19th-century Viennese waltz) is heard more often in the U.S. these days than the traditional idiom originated by the gauchos of the Argentine […]