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Group Efforts: Dan Peterman and friends pick up the pieces

The former garage at 6100 S. Blackstone was already home to a community of artists, artisans, and activists when Dan Peterman took over the title in 1996. The Resource Center–which had owned the ramshackle brick building before Peterman–pioneered recycling programs and neighborhood projects in Woodlawn beginning in the early 70s. “Recycling as a business sustained […]

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Blunting the Cutting Edge/PR War

Blunting the Cutting Edge Scholars foresee an epochal disaster–one of the world’s great civilizations spiraling toward the black hole of Generation X (aka the twentysomethings or twentynothings), not just an inferior generation but the most ignorant and useless in history. One such scholar was the late Allan Bloom of the University of Chicago, whose The […]