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Kinobe juxtaposes East and West Africa in delicate, polished grooves

For the better part of two decades, virtuosic multi-instrumentalist Herbert Kinobe has composed exquisite Pan-African music from a Ugandan perspective. Born in 1983 in a small village outside Kampala near Lake Victoria, Kinobe (he performs under his last name) grew up hearing the music at the nearby Kanyange Nnamasole Tombs, a historic Buganda cultural site […]

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Living for 32

Kevin Breslin’s short documentary “Living for 32,” about Colin Goddard, antigun activist and Virginia Tech shooting survivor, screens Friday 2/25 in the Peace on Earth Film Festival, which runs through Sunday 2/27 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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ABC Africa

This is the most accessible film to date by Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami, though some people have been mistakenly scared away by its subject matter: the enormous number of Ugandan children orphaned by the AIDS crisis. In fact, much of this 2001 digital-video documentary focuses on the kids singing and dancing–at times it resembles a […]