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Umamicue, Mosque4Mosque, concerts, dancing, and more

Already hungry for some hearty fare? Join Monday Night Foodball this evening as the “barbecue supergroup” Umamicue brings A Very Umamicue Friendsgiving to the Kedzie Inn (4100 N. Kedzie). Expect an array of flavors including wasabi turkey confit croquettes (who doesn’t love a croquette?) with five-spice cranberry sauce, courtesy of the “Asian stoner food” duo […]

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It’s a barbecue Umamicue Friendsgiving at the next Monday Night Foodball

The Pilgrims were not invited to the first Friendsgiving in 1622. The year before all that Puritan-flavored canned cranberry sauce, chalky white meat, and bland so-dry-you-choke-on-it stuffing taught the Wampanoag a lesson. So a few days ahead of November 24, they secretly gathered on the shady side of Plymouth Rock and pregamed their dreary holiday […]

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Piñatta conquers Monday Night Foodball with a plant-based, precolonial Mexican Menu

Before the Spaniards showed up, nobody ate carne asada super burritos in this hemisphere. Nobody celebrated their birthday with a sombrero-topped flan. The Aztecs definitely didn’t start off dinner with queso fundido washed down with “Infamous” margaritas. And neither will you, when plant-based, precolonial taqueria Piñatta takes over the kitchen at the Kedzie Inn this […]

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It’s a night of fresh pastabilities with Gemma Foods at the next Monday Night Foodball

Nobody makes eating fresh pasta at home easier than Tony Quartaro. Since I wrote about him last summer, the former Formento’s chef installed his roving fresh pasta delivery service Gemma Foods into a permanent Grand Avenue brick-and-mortar. Now you can watch your farro mafaldine rolled out and cut in the window, take it home, and […]

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It’s chicken and waffle night at Monday Night Foodball

The chickens roam freely over the pastures at Avrom Farm in Ripon, Wisconsin. But you might have spotted them in the wild this season at the Green City or Wicker Park farmers’ markets, where they nest on warm buckwheat waffles battered with their own eggs.
This Wednesday they’re flocking to Irving Park for Monday Night Foodball, the Reader’s weekly pop-up chef series at the Kedzie Inn.

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Funeral Potatoes get light in the loafers at the Next Monday Night Foodball

Oranges were the only fruit aboard the Revenge. Even if Captain Stede Bonnet couldn’t taste them in the 40-orange cake he ordered—and even if the crew got scurvy—at least he caught Blackbeard’s eye. And with that the HBO comedy Our Flag Means Death cleansed the Florida orange of its residual 70s-era anti-LGBTQ+ rot, and repositioned […]

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Party like it’s Indonesian Independence Day with Waroeng and Friends at the next Monday Night Foodball

I’m not promising anything, but there might be a shrimp chip-eating contest at the Kedzie Inn this Monday. That’s what frequently happens on Tujuhbelasan, aka Indonesian Independence Day, the anniversary of the popular revolution that eventually kicked the Dutch out of the archipelago. What I do promise is a party fueled by the combined culinary […]