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Eccentric Chicago musician Zango the Third warps soul, pop, and lounge into strangely magnetic songs

Chicagoan Frank Zango possesses something like magic: under the name Zango the Third, he’s able to create oddly soothing, stylistically scrambled outsider-soul songs fast enough to fill several full-lengths a year. In early April, he self-released his second album of 2020, Aunt Ida’s Asteroid Mixtape, where he continues to stretch to the outer edges of […]

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Alan Licht

David Bowie sleepwalking his way through The Man Who Fell to Earth, William S. Burroughs scamming his buckshot-splattered paintings into galleries–plenty of artists skilled in one medium misguidedly think they can step right into another. But Alan Licht–whose first book, An Emotional Memoir of Martha Quinn, was published last year by Drag City–is no dilettante. […]

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Active Ingredients

Before he split for New York last year, Chad Taylor, the drummer who anchors the various Chicago Underground groups, was one of the most elegant and open-minded percussionists in town. In every context, from one-off gigs with Dutch reedist Sean Bergin to playing pop behind the Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop to his regular work […]

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Aceyalone, Masterminds

As a founding member of LA’s short-lived Freestyle Fellowship, one of hip-hop’s most original and intelligent groups, Aceyalone helped lay the groundwork for today’s anything-goes underground scene. His free-form rap slops over tight beat schemes like runny oatmeal, much in the style of Kool Keith; but unlike Kool Keith’s sci-fi fantasies, Aceyalone’s thoughts are rooted […]

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Last year drummer Bill Stevenson clocked his 20th year with the hardcore outfit that began as the Descendents, and while his band has never really grown up, his concept has never really grown old either. SST labelmates Husker Du, the Minutemen, and Dinosaur Jr mixed hardcore with psychedelia, funk, and 70s guitar rock, respectively, but […]