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Best free daily roundup in your inbox

In the tradition of 18th-century newspapers like Samuel Johnson’s The Rambler, or more contemporary efforts like I.F. Stone’s Weekly, Charlie Meyerson’s Chicago Public Square, a daily newsletter containing short capsules of the day’s top stories, is a one-man show. In full disclosure, I’ve known Meyerson personally since the late 1980s. Meyerson started putting out the […]

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Zeena Parkins and Jeff Kolar merge electronic sounds with nature on Scale

The new Scale is billed to composer and improvising harpist Zeena Parkins and Chicago sound artist and radio producer Jeff Kolar, but its story involves a larger group of collaborators. In 2017, University of Illinois professor Jennifer Monson (who’s also a choreographer and dancer) commissioned Parkins and Kolar to work with her, dancer Mauriah Kraker, […]

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After releasing one of 2019’s best albums, American Football celebrate the 20th anniversary of an iconic emo LP

In fall 2018, user-generated Internet in-joke database Know Your Meme added a page about second-wave emo legends American Football. Funny riffs on the band’s 1999 self-titled debut album and its scene-famous cover art—a green-hued off-­center image of the Urbana house where photographer Chris Strong lived at the time—have pervaded Internet emo and indie-rock circles at […]