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Detroit art-rock foursome Saajtak harness the power of improvisation for good

The members of Detroit art-rock group Saajtak met at the University of Michigan in the early 2010s, when all four participated in an improvising ensemble called the Creative Arts Orchestra. They’ve since carried the experimental traditions they explored as students into their work in Saajtak and into their individual creative pursuits—each has developed such an […]

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Who gets up when the baby cries?

Tom Godber Working mothers are still “substantially” more likely than working fathers to answer the night-shift call of duty for a child who needs care, a University of Michigan study indicates. Mothers in the study were twice as likely to report sleep interruptions for caregiving as fathers who worked the same number of hours.

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Think you’ve got journalism’s next big idea? Get to know Elspeth Revere, the MacArthur Foundation’s media maven

The most important woman in Chicago journalism attended the landmark Chicago Journalism Town Hall in early 2009 and sat quietly in back. Few people knew she was there or who she was, but the noisy room would have gone stone silent in an instant if she’d stood and said something like, “Many of you have […]