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Photographs by D. Shigley

D. Shigley, a Chicago photograoher who loved his work, his city, his extended family, and the blues, died in his home December 26 of a heart attack at age 46. A solidly built, tersely articulate man with a quick, devilish grin and small, sharp eyes, D. seemed to know everyone involved in Chicago’s living workaday […]

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The Emerald Forest

Powers Boothe as an American engineer who spends ten years looking for his son kidnapped by a tribe of Amazon Indians. John Boorman’s film was conventionally faulted for its lack of fidelity to ethnographic realism, but it seems pretty clear that Boorman was more interested in mythological resonances than scientific exactitude. There’s a Manichaean wrangle […]

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The Straight Dope

Why do outhouses have half-moons on their doors? Perhaps it’s related to the great high school custom of “mooning”? –Joyce Kehoe, Seattle Joyce, kid, level with me: you’ve never actually seen an outhouse with a half-moon cut into the door, have you? Neither have I, despite several decades of camping trips, and I’ll bet the […]