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The Crazy Family

An ideally symmetrical Japanese family–dad, mom, junior, and sis–moves into a new suburban home, where rising middle-class expectations (and gramps barging in for an open-ended stay) cause everything to deconstruct explosively. Sogo Ishii’s lunatic black comedy seems less concerned with actual family dynamics than with turning its sitcom household into an open arena of competing […]

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Fourth Annual Jewish Film Fest

Twelve foreign and American films on Jewish themes, presented at four different locations in Chicago, Skokie, and Park Forest by the Marvin N. Stone Centre for Jewish Arts & Letters. Admission varies, from $3 to $5, depending on the location, for information, call 761-9100. ANGRY HARVEST Working in Germany, Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland (Provincial Actors) […]

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The Straight Dope

I never drink and drive but I swear every Chevy Nova (pre-1985) and Olds Omega (same car–different label) I see is driving down the road sideways. Well, not quite sideways but at an acute angle. Was this the product of foresighted GM engineers trying to provide a more panoramic view for drivers and passengers alike, […]

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Eleventh Dream Day

Over the past couple of years Eleventh Dream Day has gradually built up a raging head of steam, a blistering one-two guitar attack that sounds like somebody throttling down an empty highway at 3 AM. Frontman/songwriter Rick Rizzo likes to write about people driven over the edge by their irrational urges, but he also constructs […]