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The Blue Mountains

Soviet Georgian filmmaker Eldar Shengelaya’s sharp antibureaucratic satire, about a young author whose efforts to get a manuscript read at a government publishing house are stymied by official procrastination and indifference. The deft carousel styling (the author makes the same round of offices month after month, always encountering the same Kafkaesque excuses) owes a lot […]

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Oliver Stone’s fictionalized memoir of the Vietnam War attempts to re-create, as well as any movie can, the physical and psychological realities of combat experience–the blood and guts and traumatized emotions splayed out like freshly exploded corpses in a mine field. Stone does a good job of it, though the project isn’t as unique as […]

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The Straight Dope

Being an avid football fan, I spend a few hours each Sunday watching the Redskins during the fall. This season I also watched every Monday Night Football game. Every game has been broadcast live from a stadium in a different part of the country–from New York to Seattle to Miami to San Diego. I haven’t […]