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The Straight Dope

Could you please enlighten me as to the latest Straight Dope on pharmones (sp?) and aphrodisiacs? –Your devoted reader, Robin Razzano, Glendale, California PS: Please hurry, I need all the help I can get. For starters, sweetcheeks, it’s “pheromones,” not “pharmones.” Boys don’t get chummy with girls who are dummies, you know. As for boosting […]

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John Cale With Chris Spedding

What a pair! John Cale and Chris Spedding have worked together before, and one of the things they have in common is that they’ve both built their reputations largely on collaboration with others. One of rock’s most chillingly idiosyncratic performers, singer/producer/songwriter/electric violist Cale has worked with species as disparate as Lou Reed, LaMonte Young, Phil […]

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French Cancan

Jean Renoir’s 1955 musical, back in a newly struck Technicolor print that incorporates ten minutes of previously unseen footage. It’s the easiest to like of Renoir’s late films, full of color, movement, and romance, though it’s one of the hardest to appreciate: the bright, frivolous surface seems to mask the deepest currents of Renoir’s art. […]

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When Andrew Sarris recently suggested that watching Gerard Depardieu read the telephone directory would be worth the price of admission, somebody riposted that Maurice Pialat’s Police was a good chance to test out the theory. Well, it is and it isn’t–the longueurs are there, but to insist on them too strongly is to miss the […]

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Andrew Calhoun

Fifteen years after Goodman, Prine, and the whole rich scene that nurtured them peaked, the very notion of folk music is anathema to most, and a genuine mystery even to those who have been saddled with the designation. And yet, from time to time there arises from the folk-ooze of musical ambivalence and contradiction a […]