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Elena et ses hommes

Also known as Paris Does Strange Things, Jean Renoir’s period sequel to his equally colorful French Cancan argues for a vision of the past as luminous sensory remembrance. It’s a stylized souvenir of impressionist 1880s Paris–of the Boulanger coup and bourgeois comicality–as well as a parodistic gloss on Rules of the Game profundity, as if […]

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The Straight Dope

I know you’re not Doctor Ruth, or even an endocrinologist, but can you tell me why men get less horny as they get older? I’m 35 and don’t seem to want to boink anywhere near as much as I used to five or ten years ago. Is there some nutritional or chemical substance that can […]

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Landscape Suicide

A landscapist among the structuralists, American independent James Benning returns to the regional emphases of his early films (his brilliant 1976 11 x 14 turned midwestern phenomenology into a maze of clockwork motifs) with this double murder portrait set to geographic accompaniment. Benning applies a formal mirror to his murderer pair–a disaffected California teenager and […]