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The Straight Dope

I’ve wondered about this for years, ever since I heard it in the third grade from Steve Revoi. He said brontosauri had a brain in their butt. Is this true? What did it control? Was it part of the central nervous system or an entity unto itself? Did it have angst or did it feel […]

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Edvard Munch

Peter Watkins brings an elliptical, post-Godardian narrative style to bear on the age-old problem of how to make a film biography dramatically viable without being intellectually superfluous. At a length of 167 minutes, this study of the tortured expressionist painter is obsessively detailed (and meticulously researched) but through Watkins’s jittery, subjective montage, it retains a […]

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Sunnyland Slim

From the levee camps and country jukes of 1920s Mississippi to European concert halls, Sunnyland Slim has been carrying his indefatigable blues message of survival, hope, and determination to music lovers of all stripes for over 65 years. His piano style–cascading treble flurries and staccato note clusters overlaid on a steady rolling bass–is as immediately […]