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Hour of the Star

Brazilian filmmaker Suzana Amaral’s acclaimed debut feature, about a slovenly young secretary, 19 years old and still unhappily a virgin, searching for romance and fulfillment among the marginal employables of Sao Paulo. The story is almost too precious, with harsh urban reality grinding provincial innocence to dust, though to her credit, Amaral eventually moves beyond […]

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Miles Davis

Let’s take a moment to restate the obvious. Miles is unquestionably one of the supreme figures in jazz. Like Pablo Picasso, he has metamorphosed through an astonishing variety of periods and styles; from his 1940s apprenticeship with Charlie Parker to his current pop/funk preoccupations, his has been a career of constant searching, both outward and […]

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Everybody’s Pimping

STREET SMART *** (A must-see) Directed by Jerry Schatzberg Written by David Freeman Produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus With Christopher Reeve, Morgan Freeman, and Kathy Baker. Street Smart is one of those films that risk sounding utterly routine, which is probably how it got made in the first place. The story of a […]

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Peter Case

Peter Case used to be in the Plimsouls. However, not only is his recent debut LP a good deal more interesting and full-bodied than I remember his former band’s work to be, but it also made him one of the freshest and most warmly hailed “new” arrivals of last year. While Case has not forsaken […]

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The Straight Dope

I want the dirt. Is Mrs. Mantis really guilty of biting off Mr. Mantis’s head immediately after they consummate their mantis marriage? I hear it’s only a vicious rumor and that Mrs. Mantis is getting a bad rap. –Victois McGaw, Chandler, Arizona The stories about Mrs. M are a little exaggerated, but they’re no rumor. […]

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William Ferris Chorale

It has been said that to qualify as the subject of a William Ferris Chorale tribute a composer must be: (1) British or American, (2) marking a major anniversary, (3) a possessor of impressive credentials and prestigious awards, (4) recognized for his vocal and liturgical music, and (5) the cultivator of an accessible, preferably tonal, […]