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Little Victories

LITTLE VICTORIES Trinity Square Ensemble at Live Theatre Little Victories must have been written by a feminist double agent, a saboteur pretending to champion feminism while actually subverting the cause from within. The play seems ideologically pure. It revolves around two icons of feminism –Susan B. Anthony and Joan of Arc — who are busy […]

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Measure for Measure

Chicago Shakespeare Company The Immediate Theatre Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall — measure for measure. Written between Othello and King Lear, Measure for Measure must have absorbed a lot of spilled-over seriousness from those uncompromising plays. In this alleged comedy, Shakespeare sets up the burning conflicts so strongly that the obligatory […]

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Lite Lawrence

KANGAROO * (Has redeeming facet) Directed by Tim Burstall Written by Evan Jones With Colin Friels, Judy Davis, John Walton, Julie Nihill, and Hugh Keays-Byrne. Was D.H. Lawrence a profound “priest of love,” or a proto-fascist, or just a fellow who earned a brief notoriety by scribbling a few novels’ worth of sensual yearning and […]

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Off-Off Loop Theatre Festival

Last year, with the Chicago International Theatre Festival running at about the same time, there was an aura of the underdog to this event. This year, they’ve got a nice logo and the field more or less to themselves. Still, the specifics are the same: ten plucky non-Equity companies displaying their wares in a series […]

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Katia and Mariella Labeque

The Labeque sisters, Katia and Marielle, are the most sensational piano duo since Fitzdale and Gold. Not quite convinced? Neither was I, until I heard and saw them in action last year. For a brief spell, their pyrotechnics and panache made me believe in the merits and possibilities of the dubious genre, which enjoyed a […]

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The Sports Section

They come to us, it seems, fully formed, Venuses rising on shells of hype. When they arrive in town next week, the Cubs and White Sox will seem set, their lineups solid from top to bottom, their pitching shaky but for the moment stable, and, of course, ever optimistic. They’ll seem like the teams we’ve […]

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Fast Eddie for President

To the editors: Gary Rivlin’s analysis on Edward Vrdolyak and his mayoral strategy [March 13] was excellent. Guessing EV’s future is very simple; even though his image and politics are marginally popular here in Chicago, he is surely going to be a big item nationally. Look for him as a presidential candidate in the 1990s. […]

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Get Off Orbach

To the editors: I am a lakefront resident of the 46th Ward and supported Nancy Kaszak in the February 24 race for alderman. Unfortunately, Nancy was not successful in her bid for elective office so I, and several thousand other Kaszak supporters, must now choose between the two candidates that did make it to the […]